Living in Saskatchewan as a newcomer holds many exciting opportunities.  Find out about resources to help you make informed choices as you settle in your new Saskatchewan community.

  • Cost of Living

    The cost of living in Saskatchewan is low, compared to many parts of Canada. We have the fastest growing population in the country.  All this growth has created jobs that need to be filled.

  • Health

    In Saskatchewan, the government pays for basic health care for people who live here.  Newcomers to Saskatchewan have access to this free basic medical help.

  • Education

    In Saskatchewan, a publicly-funded system provides a free education for every child.  Learn more about education from PreKindergarten to Grade 12. 

  • Housing and Household Needs

    Learn about how to find a place to live; where to find help; how to set up heating, water, and electrical services; and where to buy the things you need to complete your home.

  • Transportation

    Whether you need to go to work, enjoy outdoor recreation or want to visit friends in another province, you have many safe, affordable transportation options when you live in Saskatchewan.

  • Family

    Learn about finding child care; programs for children, women and seniors; and how you can help your family immigrate to Canada.

  • Finances

    Learn about Saskatchewan's financial system, including facts about money and banking, what taxes we pay and how they are collected.  You can also learn about the types of financial assistance programs that are available.   

  • Media and Communications

    Saskatchewan is equipped to meet all your communication needs.  Learn about Saskatchewan's telephone, internet, postal services, television, radio, newspapers and other publications.

  • Dressing for the Weather

    Saskatchewan has four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter.  Learning about how to dress for the weather in Saskatchewan will help you enjoy every season. 

  • Community Life

    Learn about practicing your faith and staying connected to your homeland after you arrive.  Read about Saskatchewan's cultural events, libraries, recreation and sports programs, and volunteering in your community. 

Areas of Interest