Immigrated from the Philippines

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Information on Using Immigration Consultants and Recruiters - The SINP does not require or recommend that an applicant use an immigration consultant or recruiter.   If an applicant does choose to hire an immigration consultant or recruiter, they must choose from the list of Licensed Recruiters and Immigration Consultants.

Important Notice for Recruiters and Immigration Consultants - You can apply for foreign worker recruitment and immigration consulting licences under The Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services Act at Apply for a Licence.

Begin your online application to the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.

Employers can register to hire foreign workers, whether through the SINP or a federal immigration program; and learn about hiring foreign workers through the SINP.

Saskatchewan legislation to protect foreign workers and immigrants came into effect on October 11, 2013.  Learn about the Act or apply for a recruiting or consulting licence.

The Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services Act Valid Service Provider Lists for Foreign Worker Recruiters and Immigration Consultants

Make Regional Newcomer Gateways your first stop when you arrive in Saskatchewan.

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